A customized session is an exceptional or unique communication session that is outside the scope of the classic training sessions that home in on media, public speaking, public debate, crisis or conflict resolution.

Here are some examples from Frank’s portfolio of customized training sessions:

  • training a corporate executive to testify before a parliamentary inquiry committee at State, Federal or European Union level;
  • schooling business executives on sworn statements in court or legally defensable statements before customers in the case of a business gone terribly wrong;
  • drilling European lobbyists on the presentation of their own causes while taking into account the requirements of the European Commission and Parliament.


In his professional career, Frank Van Oss has helped more than 500 Federal employees in both media training or public debate and public speaking. Frank has profound insights into problems governments must deal with such as the legal and regulatory requirements that prohibit overspending, which, ultimately, is viewed by the public as unwillingness to spend money where and when needed. That is why the public sector must make its voice heard. But how? Frank Van Oss is the expert to take on such a mission.

Political Communication

Frank Van Oss knows the enterprise of politics like the palm of his hand. In fact, Frank can boast to have trained seven party leaders from different political parties from both parts of the country. That alone is truly exceptional. Political communication is part and parcel of the enterprise of politics. It reaches much farther than merely « selling » a message.

Society is too important to have its communication organized like a sales operation for some consumer product or service. Today’s public is a demanding one, it is mostly dissatisfied and for the most part indifferent. Communicating wither preconceived ideas is not an easy task. Still, Frank Van Oss managed to meet the challenge.

Screening Spokespersons

Frank Van Oss has developed a specific module for screening spokespersons so that corporations have a clearer picture of potential candidates’ abilities. The screening comes in five tests that help evaluate a number of relevant features.

The screening has already been adopted by several large organizations. It has meanwhile proved to be a valuable tool in a somewhat arduous decision-making process of picking the right person for the job. The one that made it to the final can be assumed to be a good one; but the final and crucial test – helped by a camera – allows the employer to single out the choice spokesperson on the basis of an objective analysis made by a professional.

Special Task Communication

Frank Van Oss is often asked to share his expertise on issues that go beyond training. For example, Frank is frequently requested to give his expert recommendations on:

  • how to present one’s expert opinion to Parliament (Flemish) or in court;
  • how to make a winning presentation of a candidacy for the « job of a lifetime » ;
  • what strategy to choose before the board of a client’s company in order to explain problems and eventually exculpate one’s own company.

In all situations described above, the unique experience that Frank has accumulated during his career made ​​the difference for his customers.