Spreken is goud. Maar vooral wat je zegt is belangrijk.

Talk to the media, give speeches, engage in debates !

Today, it seems that form only determines the message. Everything must be kept short and striking. To paraphrase a former US President : « That’s the message, stupid! »

“Parler aux médias, faire des discours, mener des débats

The world of politics that has been so often soundly misjudged in its significance and its impact on our society has both inspired Frank and ultimately compelled him to do an overhaul of traditional training programs. It is against this background and experience that he adopted alternative methods: no hustle, no aggressive aproaches, but, instead, analyses of situations and subsequent development of communication strategies with messages that excel in clarity.

In his book Frank shares with his readers his expertise acquired in training more than 1,700 course participants, all of whom Frank had trained himself on methodologies he developed from his experience in politics.

Patrick Janssens: « Communication is first and foremost a question of content. What does a person want to say? Therefore, Frank’s book focuses on content discards the conventional belief that everything can be sold for as long as it comes in an attractive wrapper. »

Frank Van Massenhove, Chairman of the Federal Social Security agency: « No one is waiting for yet another book on how to communicate in style and good form. At last, here’s a book of substance with real-life examples and practical applications. »

Jaak Raes, Chief Executive of the Federal Crisis Centre: « They say that the Flemish writer Hendrik Conscience taught people how to read. We can all talk. Now, Frank teaches people how to communicate, and how this skill can be acquired. »

Bart De Smet, CEO of Ageas: « In business communication, content is paramount. This book explains why and how you can communicate professionally to the media without getting trapped in foreseeable techniques. »